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Renal Transplant

Donate Kidney, Save Life

Immunosuppressive Medications

Kidney Transplant Care

Renal Transplant

A patient with advanced chronic kidney disease may choose kidney transplant as an option in lieu of dialysis. Transplantation is when a new kidney is received to provide adequate kidney function. Once you have decided to seek transplant evaluation, your BlueGrass Renal Care physicians will refer you to a certified transplant center. Currently the nearest transplant centers are located in Lexington, Cincinnati and Louisville.


A new kidney is a big commitment and responsibility. The long-term success of a transplant kidney depends on continuous care management through the life of the organ. Our BlueGrass Renal Care nephrologist will meticulously coordinate care with the transplant center to offer this care closer to home. We can offer guidance and medical care, in coordination with the transplant center, in the areas of:


  • Medications

  • Laboratory Testing and Imaging

  • Rejection prevention and treatment

  • Infection prevention and treatment

  • Management of other conditions related to your transplant


Please speak with your physicians about your options for kidney disease including transplant.

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