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Renal Ultrasound

Kidney Ultrasound Lexington Kentucky

Renal Ultrasound Georgetown Kentucky

Renal Ultrasound

Renal Doppler Lexington Kentucky

Renal Artery Ultrasound Procedure

Renal Doppler Lexington Kentucky

Renal Ultrasound


Renal Ultrasound is a very important tool in the detection of kidney disease. For your convenience, we have physicians specially trained to perform renal ultrasound in office.


What is a Renal Ultrasound?

A renal ultrasound is when a doctor or technician uses a ultrasound machine to image the kidneys


Why do I need a Renal Ultrasound?

The purpose of the ultrasound is to examine your kidneys for disease or abnormality. Renal ultrasound procedures educate doctors about the patient’s kidneys. The procedure can be used to identify a kidney mass, to check for signs of enlargement or to identify other problems with the kidneys.


How should I prepare?

There is no preparation necessary prior to the exam, although wearing loose comfortable clothing may be helpful.


What should I expect?

The procedure is short and painless, causing no discomfort to the patient. It is performed in the office. You will not need to undress for the exam. You will be asked to lie down. Your shirt is then pulled up to expose the abdomen and towels are used to protect your clothing from the ultrasound gel. Ultrasound gel is water-based and does not harm the skin or clothing. The physician will then place the cold gel on your abdomen and apply gentle pressure with the ultrasound instrument. The exam should take between 15-30 minutes.


When should I expect my results?

A follow-up appointment will be scheduled with your physician to discuss the results of the exam.

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